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How to get the best deal on thetubestore?How to get the best deal on thetubestore?Grab the fantastic Thetubestore offer before it's gone. Click the super Thetubestore deal and don't need to check your wallet for the products at your cart any more. Click and go to thetubestore to get huge discounts in your cart.Thetubestore Coupon Code Coupons Promo Codes 2021 by AnyCodes(pipe) What are the best guitar tubes?What are the best guitar tubes?I was once smitten with the new production Mullardsfine tubes to be surebut once bitten by these Tung-Sols Im a believer. In my setup, simply the very best value in current production EL34 family tubes. This is a warm, thick, dense tube with world-class tonality for lovers of guitar music from Esteban to Stevie Ray Vaughan.EL34-family Tube Comparison! Wall of Sound Audio and thetubestore Groove Tubes(pipe) What are the different types of power tubes?What are the different types of power tubes?We have a huge selection of 12AX7, 12AT7, 6922, and so much more! Shop for all common power tubes. See our selection of 6L6GC, EL34, KT88, 300B and many many more!Your online source for audio vacuum tubes. - thetubestore Inc

thetubestore - 12AU7 / ECC82 Tube Types

thetubestore - 12AU7 / ECC82 Tube Types 12AU7 / ECC82 Tubes One of the most commonly found driver tubes found in push-pull tube audio power amplifiers is the 12AU7 tube. As well, this tube's low gain make it a great choice for tube preamps in hi-fi stereo systems thetubestore Groove Tubes(pipe) '63 Bassman Tube help? The Gear Page(steel) Dec 19, 2006I am running Groove tube Mullard re-issues (GT12AX7M) in V1, V2 and V3 and then a Groove tube GT12AT7 in V4. Some people don t like to pay the higher price for Groove tubes but they seem to be the most consistent for me. I only recommend the Mullard re-issues in the older amps, not the new one either. Steve(pipe) 4.7/5People also askWho makes Groove Tubes?Who makes Groove Tubes?Groove Tubes is not a tube manufacturer. Neither, for that matter, do Fender (who now own the Groove Tubes name), Ruby Tubes and a host of other companies manufacture tubes.thetubestore - Groove Tubes

4.8/5thetubestore - 6L6 / 5881 Tube Types

Fender has been using them since the 1940s and since then there have been many others who have designed hugely popular tube amplifiers that rely on the 6L6 tube types for their tone. Unlike the EL34 power tube, 6L6 tubes generally sound a little cleaner and tend to have a bit more beef in the low end as well as more bite on the top.Some players prefer the extra clarity and punch of the 6L6 thetubestore Groove Tubes(pipe) 5/5thetubestore - Tubes with part numbers beginning thetubestore Groove Tubes(steel) thetubestore - Tubes with part numbers beginning with EL84 - 6BQ5 Tube EL84 - 6BQ5 Tubes The EL84 (6BQ5) tube is well known by electric guitar players and audiophiles alike for its smooth, sweet sound, and great sustain. The EL84, or commonly known as 6BQ5 in North America, was intended for use as thetubestore Groove Tubes(pipe)



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thetubestorethetubestore Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and thetubestore Groove Tubes(steel) What marketing strategies does Thetubestore use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Thetubestore.

Are JJ's Tubes Overated and Possibly Junk? The Gear Page

Jan 27, 2017I've used JJ's in my Blues Jr for a couple years now. When I first replaced the stock Groove tubes I noticed a significant improvement in tone. I recently retubed my amp again with JJ's, but noticed an unusual hum from yhe backside of my amp and then poor tone. Everyone seems to (pipe) Blues Jr. Tube Upgrades Gretsch-Talk Forum(steel) Jan 20, 2012EL84 Groove Tube output tubes and 3 - 12AX7 preamp tubes thetubestore Groove Tubes I like to do my research at thetubestore and usually end up ordering from tubedepot. In my Bassman I have a few Tung-Sol 12XA7s and really like em. I also have the short bottle Tung-Sol 5881s . Last edited Jan 20, 2012.(pipe) Complete Tube Replacement for Vox AC15C1 Telecaster thetubestore Groove Tubes(steel) Jun 02, 2020Also, if you replaced the V1 tube, that tube change will have more of a difference in sound than any other position. If one is curious about the difference of that tube, one could trade tubes in V1 and V2 to see what difference is made. fwiw, the Golden Lion is a Russian made tube.

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Groove Tubes Pre-Amp Tubes . 12AT7 / ECC81 Tubes; 12AU7 / ECC82 Tubes; 12AX7 / ECC83 Tubes; 12AY7 - 6072 Tubes; 12BH7 Tubes; 12DW7 - 7247 Tubes; 6922 / E88CC Tubes; 6AQ8 - ECC85 Tubes; 6C4 - M8080 Tubes; 6CG7 - 6FQ7 Tubes; 6EU7 Tubes; 6H30 Tubes; 6SL7 Tubes; 6SN7 Tubes; EF86 Tubes; PCC88 - 7DJ8 Tubes Power Tubes . EL34 / 6CA7 / KT77 Tubes thetubestore Groove Tubes(pipe) EL34 Family Tube Comparison - blog.thetubestore(steel) Jan 01, 2016Essentially, a perfect tube. Quiet and unfussy. It works with every musical genre. The sound quality is right up there with the Shuguang black bottles but this comes at half the price. This tube does it allhuge reserves of power and headroom, a massive airy soundstage but in this case airiness is not a sign of thinness or an unsaturated midrange.(pipe) EL34-family Tube Comparison! Wall of Sound Audio and thetubestore Groove Tubes(steel) When Jon Esau of thetubestore offered a set of five EL34-type tubes for review (JJ KT77; JJ EL34 II; Svetlana EL34; Genalex Gold Lion KT77 and Mullard EL34) I jumped at the opportunity. We agreed that Id throw a few of my own tubes, including the Tung-Sol EL34B and Shuguang 6CA7-Zs I purchased from thetubestore over the years thetubestore Groove Tubes

Ge 6SN7 Steve Hoffman Music Forums

Sep 27, 2005The JJ E34L has a higher power output than the JJ EL-34. The E34L is the one that has been rebranded by Groove Tubes. You can take a look at the tube on this page. Look at the plate structure, getter, shape of glass envelope, etc. It's identical for both the JJ E34L and the Groove Tubes E-34-LS. thetubestore/teslael34l(pipe) Groove Tube 12AX7, circa 1996 Rig-Talk(steel) Feb 16, 2021thetubestore - Groove Tubes Groove Tubes is not a tube manufacturer. Learn more about Groove Tubes and purchase upgrades and replacement tubes to improve your tube (pipe) Groove Tubes 6L6GE Reissue Tubes, Hype, Or Real Deal thetubestore Groove Tubes(steel) Dec 20, 2019The only modern company making an NOS quality 6L6GC is PM Components. The only place I can find them in the US is tubeboutique though. They also make a phenomenal 5881. Nothing on their site detailing where the tubes are made, or that PM even makes them. Says "designing". Is this Chinese thetubestore Groove Tubes

Know Your Bias thetubestore Blog

Jan 05, 2016I have been coming up with a lot of shorted output tubes from groove tubes in the fender amps so far el34 and el84 maybe from shipping dropping but fender always sends new ones. pretty obvious when you turn an amp on and the speaker is making a loud popping sound before tubes have time to warm up.(pipe) Lightweight Acid-proof Brick-Henan Lite Refractory thetubestore Groove Tubes(steel) The acid proof brick can be widely applied to the lining construction of tower, pool, tank, groove of the petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, pharmacy, brewing, dairy product, paper making, smelt, chemical fiber and electroplating, chemical laboratory, electricity generation, gas and other industry.(pipe) Marshall Origin 50 or 20? Page 4 Telecaster Guitar Forum(steel) Jan 07, 2021This is the Groove Tubes reference chart from thetubestore - Your online source for audio vacuum tubes.. Rebranded tubes just means that they will be more expensive. Groove Tubes Cross Reference Chart Groove Tubes Part Number Original Part Number GT-6L6B Sovtek 5881WXT GT-6L6S JJ 6L6GC GT-E34LS JJ E34L GT-EL34R Electro-Harmonix EL34

NOS Jan Philips 6l6WGB VS Re-issue Tung Sol 5881's The thetubestore Groove Tubes

Oct 29, 2008Usually harp players like as much low end as they can get. With that in mind, I wouldn't go with either of the mentioned tube types. I'd use some 6L6GCs - maybe winged Cs or Groove Tube GE "reissue" 6L6GCs or some nice old stuff. Then I'd bias it really cool, like maybe 55% of max plate wattage dissapation and run a really nice sounding 12AU7 thetubestore Groove Tubes(pipe) NOS Tesla EL34 - 2 Channel - HiFi WigWam(steel) Jan 25, 2016Ive a yen to try some decent NOS EL34 power tubes in my Jadis Orchestra. Mullards, if you can find them, seem to go for silly money, and then there is the hassle of finding the genuine article. Watford Valves have some NOS Teslas (not JJ) which look tempting. Has anyone tried them and, if (pipe) Preamp tubes - How often should I replace them? Jem thetubestore Groove Tubes(steel) Feb 07, 2001Fender tubes made from about 95-00 are Sovteks, the ones made for the past year or so are Groove Tubes. Groove Tubes basically takes tubes from various brands and matches them and tests them, then they charge double the price. Your best bet is to buy from your local amp shop, they usually have a decent supply of tested tubes on hand.

Review - Preferred Series 6L6GC Tube thetubestore Blog

Sep 25, 2015Summary The Preferred Series 6L6GC vacuum tube is versatile and can sound great in many amplifiers, thetubestore has another terrific entry into their Preferred Series of vacuum tubes. The Preferred Series 6L6GC. This tube is an homage to the black plate 6L6GC made during the first golden age of tubes. It has the looks and the tone to match.(pipe) Review - Svetlana EL34 thetubestore Blog(steel) Howard Kaplan recommends replacing with Groove Tubes when the time comes (Fender owns GT now) but I'll stick with the same as I have now. I remember in the later 80s early 90s Groove Tubes were the bomb, but my recent experience with a 12AX7 from them left me underwhelmed. So, I got this amp around this time in 2015, still sounds great.(pipe) Review - Tung-Sol 6L6GC-STR Tube thetubestore Blog(steel) Sep 29, 2015What The Tubes Do In Most Marshall Tube Amps July 8, 2016; Burning In 6SN7 Tubes for the Dark Voice 336SE Headphone Amp July 7, 2016; Chicago Blues Box Amps Dan Butler Interview June 9, 2016; Back To The Future for Vacuum Tube Technology June 7, 2016; Guitar Flamethrower Tone On Fire May 24, 2016; What Tubes Do In Most Early Fender thetubestore Groove Tubes

Ruby 6L6GCMSTR vs. SED 6L6GC The Gear Page

Aug 12, 2015Groove Tubes does rebrand tubes, but also commissions an STR The Ruby 6L6GC-M-STR is a really good power tube and one I am currently using in my Fender-inspired build. I have a large collection of NOS power tubes that I could have used, including RCA blackplate, GE, Sylvania, and even some STR415s, but the Rubys are so good that I never felt thetubestore Groove Tubes(pipe) Seeking tube suggestions (2204) 50watt Marshall JCM800 thetubestore Groove Tubes(steel) May 10, 2006Mesa and Groove tubes are only rebranded EH tubes that are matched thetubestore Groove Tubes..pure Siberian sheep dip thetubestore Groove Tubes.. New tubes in an amp sound far superior to the old tubes simply because they are within spec thetubestore Groove Tubes.The better sounding tubes must be found by experimenting with known good new tubes.(pipe) Some results are removed in response to a notice of local law requirement. For more information, please see here.

Svetlana 6L6GC Wing C Power Tubes6v6 Vintage Tubes - Princeton ReverbFeb 23, 20156L6GC in a BF Deluxe reverbJan 17, 2014See more resultsGroove Tubes GT-ECC83S preamp tubes thetubestore Groove Tubes TalkBass

Aug 10, 2004Supposedly this tube, even though manufactured in China, is made with vintage tooling. That still says nothing about the quality control, but it might sound a little better than "most" Chinese tubes. The 9th generation tubes sound pretty good too (relatively speaking, again compared to "most" Chinese tubes), but still the rotten quality control.(pipe) TRENDING ARTICLES(steel) Review - Mullard CV4004 / 12AX7 Reissue thetubestore BlogHow To Tell If Your Tube Is Bad thetubestore BlogReview - Tung-Sol 12AX7 thetubestore BlogBurning In 6SN7 Tubes for the Dark Voice 336SE Headphone Amp thetubestore - Sovtek Audio Tubes(steel) Sovtek audio tubes are manufactured in the former Soviet Union by New Sensor. They have been used for many years as original equipment by a host of amplifier manufacturers. 18 Products Sovtek (pipe) To Those who Really Know Tubes - Gearslutz(steel) Jun 13, 2014So currently, there are tubes available with different brand-names, some revitalizing the glory-days of the past Mullard, Svetlana, Tung-Sol, Sovtek, JJ, etc. Some of our amp vendors and others, even re-brand the tubes as their own Mesa/Boogie, Bugera, Groove Tubes, etc.

Tube Rolling a Jolida 302B Headphone Reviews and thetubestore Groove Tubes

Then, last night with further reading, I discovered that the original Groove Tube EL84S pair that came in the amp were simply rebranded JJ EL 84s. That's what I'm going to get for my replacement. If that doesn't get me back to the sound, I don't know what will.(pipe) Tung-Sol 12AX7 Preamp Tube - WOW TalkBass(steel) Aug 25, 2009I had replaced the stock tube (don't remember what it is now) with a Groove Tubes 12AX7 from Guitar Center a few years ago and still didn't like the sound. I figured the preamp tube wouldn't do much to shape the sound anyway (maybe a little, but nothing dramatic).(pipe) Tung-Sol EL84 Tubes thetubestore Groove TubesAnyone Using Them? Telecaster thetubestore Groove Tubes(steel) Apr 29, 2019Check your Groove Tubes. They may very well be JJs with a Groove Tubes logo, which would explain why you are not noticing a difference. I've got 4 quads of the old 6P14P-EV tubes. To my ears, they deliver a fuller tone with a bit more bass than what I hear out of most other EL84 variants.

Very pleasantly surprised by GT EL34's Rig-Talk

Feb 06, 2010groove tubes is not a tube company. they are a marketing company that charges extra for their 1-10 rating scale. they buy wholesale direct from russia. mark the price up, put their sticker on it, and pick the ones that look the best/arent deffective.(pipe) Who makes Marshall branded valves My Les Paul Forum(steel) Apr 19, 2016This is the Groove Tubes reference chart from thetubestore - Your online source for audio vacuum tubes.. Rebranded tubes just means that they will be more expensive. Groove Tubes Cross Reference Chart Groove Tubes Part Number Original Part Number GT-6L6B Sovtek 5881WXT GT-6L6S JJ 6L6GC GT-E34LS JJ E34L GT-EL34R Electro-Harmonix EL34(pipe) Winged =C= VS. GT E34LS MarshallForum(steel) See more resultsExpensive versus cheap tubes and where to buy them? The thetubestore Groove Tubes(steel) Apr 30, 2014According to the tubestore the Groove tubes are just rebranded tubes that come from the same factory as all the other tubes eg. GT-E34LS is the same tube as a JJE34L. The GT-EL34R is the same tube as the Electro-Harmonix EL34 thetubestore/Tubes/Groove-Tubes

are Groove Tube preamp tubes Chinese, or Russian? The thetubestore Groove Tubes

Apr 24, 2017Groove Tubes handles the outsourced quality-control task for Fender and Ampeg, and Pittman said rejects run as high as 15 percent for power tubes and as much as 50 percent for pre-amp tubes. But the payoff is a highly reliable tube-amp sector that buyers keep returning to and growing demand for. (He mentioned that Groove Tubes sales have(pipe) thetubestore Inc - Your online source for audio vacuum tubes.(steel) Audio tubes for any amplifier from high end home audio to classic guitar amps. If you aren't sure about which valve you need, or what tubes you can substitute, let us help you. More electron tubes can be found in the tube store collection of New Old Stock (NOS) If you are looking for a tube shop carrying the very best tubes for your amplifier, you've come to the right place.(pipe)thetubestore - Groove Tubes(steel) Groove Tubes is not a tube manufacturer. Neither, for that matter, do Fender (who now own the Groove Tubes name), Ruby Tubes and a host of other companies manufacture tubes. All of these companies simply re-label tubes from the same factories we buy from the companies who actually build tubes, such as New Sensor (who make Electro- Harmonix, Sovtek, Svetlana, and re-issues of Mullard and Tung

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